Housing and Credit Counseling

New Hope Services, Inc. offers several group and one-on-one counseling options.  These counseling services are designed to get the client homeowner or rental ready, depending on the Client’s unique situation. 

Housing and Credit Counseling services we offer:

Fair Housing – One on One
Through New Hope’s Fair Housing counseling we will work people who feel that have been discriminated against. If the issues warrants we will contact their landlord, legal aid, and/or the state’s attorney general on behalf of the client. When the issue is resolved the client will have follow-up meeting with New Hope for three consecutive months.
Fair Housing – Pre-purchase Workshops
Clients will be educated on how to tell when they are being discriminated against in the home purchase process.. They will be made aware of the mortgage pitfalls and learn when to seek legal advice about a situation that they believe involves discrimination. They will be informed of what agencies govern the discrimination laws.
Financial Management/Budget - One on One Counseling
This one-on-one service assists clients in tracking their spending so they can begin to develop a budget in order to improve their credit. We will work with the client to begin paying off their debts and set goals to achieve savings and improve credit rating. This can take anywhere from a few months to two years depending on the clients current finances.
Home Improvement & Rehab – one on one
This workshop provides clients an opportunity to go over the need for any home improvement and how to fit into their budget. In addition we’ll discuss the avenues available to pay for the needed improvements and go over the client’s credit to ensure it is good enough to sustain either a home-improvement loan or an equity line to pay for the improvements.
Mortgage Delinquency & Default Resolution Group Session
At group sessions clients will learn about pitfalls not to fall into. We will discuss the remedies to keep a delinquency from becoming a foreclosure and we study options available to home owners including: forbearance, repayment agreement, loan modification and refinance.
Non Delinquency Post Purchase Homeowner Workshop
Clients are put into groups of 4 and asked to work on scenarios that should identify whether or not they should do a home repair themselves or they should call a professional. Each session has a presentation on either weather proofing, easy home maintenance, or easy home repair. Door prizes are provided from our various partners including Lowes and Home Depot.
Neighborhood Stabilization Program Classes
These are pre-purchase classes for clients purchasing in the federally designated Neighborhood Stabilization Program houses. These houses are foreclosed homes that have been rehabbed and are sold to an individual at affordable costs. HUD requires the clients to go through eight hours of pre purchase and two hours of post purchase classroom hours.
Pre-purchase homebuyer education workshop
Clients will be taught, how to read & understand real estate contracts, money and budget management, home inspection, home maintenance, home owners insurance, how apply for a mortgage, what to expect at loan closing, predatory lending, and steps to avoid delinquency and foreclosure.
Pre-purchase – one on one
This one-on-one service assists clients in tracking their spending so they can begin to develop a budget in order to improve their credit. We will work with the client to begin paying off their debts and set goals to achieve the savings and credit rating needed to purchase a home.
Predatory Lending Workshop
This service provides clients with information on what predatory lending is and how to best avoid it. If a client feels as though they are a victim of predatory lending and are in a situation that involves predatory lending they are made aware of their rights and what options for recourse they have.
Rental Education Workshop
The Rental Education Workshops provides clients an opportunity to discuss tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities. The workshop will include a section on how to pursue legal advice if the situation warrants it.
Rental – one on one
Our one-on-one rental counseling program will work with clients to develop a budget so they can get their credit situation cleared and begin saving. In addition we’ll discuss the rights of the tenant and their landlord. We will also work to explore ways of finding suitable housing.

For information please call Pat Yense-Woosley at (812) 288-8248 ext. 124

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