Respite, Attendant Care, & Homemaker Programs
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Respite services provide temporary or periodic care for a person with disabilities in the absence of their usual caregiver or to provide relief to their usual caregiver. Activities can include assistance with meal preparation, daily living skills, grooming, participating in hobbies or clubs, administration of medications, and assistance with accessing the community.

Attendant Care offers assistance to meet the daily living needs of a client of any age who is not able to care for themselves independently. Attendant Care provides services to allow a client to remain in their own home or community setting. Activities include assistance with cooking, eating, bathing, hygiene, errands, and household chores.

Homemaker services provide assistance to an individual who is unable to complete household duties independently to help them maintain a safe, healthy, and clean environment. Examples of services include dusting, sweeping or mopping, cleaning the bathroom, washing clothes, bed making, or lawn care.

News Bulletin - July 1, 2014

Caregiver Support Services Funds Available

The Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS) announced that Caregiver Support Services funds will be available for the fiscal year 2015 beginning July 1, 2014. This service is 100 percent state funded and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Applications must be completed for each fiscal year's Caregiver Support Services funds. Applications for the service may be made online by accessing the Application for Caregiver Support Services webpage.

Requests may also be made in person or by mail by contacting or visiting your local BDDS District Office. For additional information on Caregiver Support Services and the application process, please visit the BDDS webpage and access the Frequently Asked Questions document.

Respite Testimony – Donna Black

Donna Black & Karen Donna Black has an energetic and vibrant personality. She’s had a life full of incredible experiences, learned life’s most important lessons, and seen more than most. But over the last few years Donna’s health began to quickly decline. She was bedridden and couldn’t muster the strength to get from her bed to the kitchen or bathroom. She was unable to eat or properly care for herself and soon became isolated; unable to reach out to friends or family.

Donna hooked up with New Hope and began working with Trinity and Karen, her “angels” in our respite care program. It was apparent from the start that Donna was facing some major health issues that were negatively impacting her life. When Donna finally agreed to go to the hospital she found out that she had been battling with diabetes for years and was lucky to be alive. Donna said, “How do you thank someone for saving your life? My girls, my angels, saved my life more than once.”

Donna now works Trinity and Karen up to four times a week. They help her care for herself, get appropriate nutrition, and have helped he gain back the social life she had missed for years. Donna is getting stronger every day and is now able to get around her home and care for herself when Trinity and Karen are unavailable. “I love New Hope Services. Everyone has been so good to me.”

Respite, Attendant Care, and Homemaker Services offer flexible scheduling based on client need. These programs serve Clark, Floyd, and Scott Counties and are provided at both New Hope Services Center and Kids Place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What trainings do staff receive?

All staff receive extensive training on Protecting an Individuals Rights, Outcomes and Objectives, Providing a Healthy and Safe Environment to Individuals, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid, Emergency Drills and Preparation, Safe Crisis Management (SCM), Individual Specific Training, and Transportation Safety.

What is the cost of services?

Services are generally paid for by a Developmental Disability, Autism, Caregiver Support, or Aged and Disabled Waiver. The developmental Disability and Autism Waivers are administered by the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities. The Aged and Disabled Waiver is administered through LifeSpan Resources. Services are also available to families wanting to pay privately for services.

Is transportation provided?

Transportation to participate in community activities is included in Respite and Attendant Care when staff support is needed for the activity. Homemaker services can include running errands for clients, such as to puck up prescriptions or groceries, but do not involved transporting clients.

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